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Dear Frustrated Genital Warts Sufferer,

Are you thinking of trying: "Terrasil", "AntiWarts-RX", "BetaMannan", "Dermisil", "Depatrex", "Lomatrex", "Pure Healing Warts", "Samoxol", or "Viranol" to treat your genital warts? You may have already tried some of them without results. If not, save yourself a few long, disappointing months! There is a better way...

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Wouldn't it be nice to eliminate your Genital Warts once and for all, quickly, with minimal effort, in the privacy of your own home? Of course it would.

I struggled for years with countless embarrassing Doctor visits,expensive prescription drugs and various PAINFUL surgical methods of removal. If you've been through them yourself you know what I mean!

I know you want your genital warts gone now, and you can skip right to the end to see what worked for me. However I must advise you to NOT try or buy anything until you talk to a doctor.

Prescription Medications For Genital Warts
The first thing I did was talk to my Doctor. He wrote me a prescription and sent me on my way. The $200+ bill for the medicine he prescribed me seemed a bit much, but I was desperate to get these ugly genital warts off my body!

I diligently applied the medicine as prescribed for the the full 4 week treatment cycle. (Which was painful enough..i wanted them gone NOW!) And the results were...horrible.

  • My skin turned red and began flaking off
  • I constantly itched
  • I was in pain for 30 minutes to an hour after using it.

    Maybe that means its working I thought? I was wrong. While it looked like a warzone down there, the genital warts stayed put.

    When I went back to the doctor a month later he told me "Well the prescription cream only works in about 30% of people..." then he added "you're not going to like what I have to do next..."

    Surgical Removal Of Genital Warts
    Thats when he brought it out, what to me looked like some sort of "oil can". He told me he was going to perform "Cryosurgery" which to me sounded like something out of a sci-fi movie. Basically Cryosurgery involves freezing the warts with sub zero degree liquid nitrogen.

    Sound painful? It was. I cringe just thinking back to those days. Whats worse once the treatment (more like torture) is over, I had to wait two weeks for the warts to scab over and fall off. During that time:

  • It was not pretty down there (ugly black scabs which looked worse than the warts)
  • The scabs itched really bad
  • For the first 24 Hours it was actually painful to walk
  • For the next two weeks the entire area was painful to the touch.

    Well after two weeks my genital warts finally did fall off. Great I thought! Genital Wart Free! A week later...the genital warts were back. This time worse than before and in greater numbers.

    Well it was back to the doctor for yet ANOTHER expensive visit where he informed me that with Cryosurgery you are only removing the genital warts and not killing the underlying HPV virus so more often than not your genital warts will GROW BACK. What good is that?

    Non-Prescription Medication For Genital Warts
    After giving up with the "traditional methods" of genital wart removal I turned to the Internet for help. I read every forum, did hundreds of searches, and spent a good portion of my time and money on anything that looked like it might help.

    Much of what I found shocked me. 99% of the creams, oils, and pills did absolutely nothing to help my condition. Even worse when I tired to get back in contact with the companies for a refund there was simply no support. I repeatedly found:

  • Outdated Information
  • Non-working links
  • No Customer Service
  • No Email Support
  • Worse of all - False claims of success!

    BUYER BEWARE: "Viranol", "Lomatrex", "BetaMannan", "Dermisil", "AntiWarts-RX", "Pure Healing Warts", "Depatrex" "Terrasil", "Samoxol" and others. There is a better way�

    The 5 Day Genital Warts Eradication System. Click Here Now!

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