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HPV and Cervical Cancer
Cervical CancerWhile HPV infection is the leading cause of cervical cancer, in reality it is very rare for HPV infection to progress to cancer with proper treatment. 60 to 80 % of CIN 1 dysplasias resolve on their own, and only about 1% of cases progress to invasive cervical cancer.
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HPV Dating Advice
HPV CLEARANCE Are You dealing with the complex emotions of dating with HPV? We're here to give you the facts and some advice get your dating life back on track!
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How Common is HPV?
HPV STATISTICSStudies suggest as many as 80% of people will aquire genital HPV. Several estimates have placed the lifetime likelihood of exposure to HPV in the range of 75-90% though most will not show symptoms.

How To Tell A New Partner About HPV

According to the Association for Reproductive Health Professionals:
  • While it is impossible to tell anyone exactly when they have little-to-no chance of passing HPV to a partner, as months go by with no lesions found (especially if none are found by a skilled clinician), the possibility of being contagious is likely to be increasingly remote even if the virus remains in a latent state.

  • The inability to be 100% sure that one is no longer contagious should foster honesty whenever a new relationship begins. This should be tempered with the fact that most people are exposed to this virus during their life, and that, for most, this virus does not usually cause great harm.

  • After learning the facts about HPV, disclosure is much easier. Follow this script which deals with the facts rather than the stigma!

    "Hey, did you hear they are trying to put new warning labels on condoms about the virus HPV?"
    (with up to 80% of the population being exposed to HPV (sources), it can go two ways here...either: "I Know! I was diagnosed with HPV a few years ago and...) or more likely...

    "HPV? Whats that?"
    "Well its an extremely common virus that over 80% of the population gets but most just don't know, in fact I was diagnosed last year..."
    "You have HPV? Condoms? Is this an STD?"
    "Its really not something you need to stress about. While HPV can be sexually transmitted, its also in the same family of viruses that casues a wart on your hand, foot etc. In some women, me, it can also cause cell changes on their cervix. More often than not the cells changes go away on their own, or you have to get it treated. Luckily, its a highly treatable infection. And for most people,we're talking up to 92%, the body clears the virus naturally. (sources)"
    "Hmm, well you said 80% get it?? That unbeleivable! Would I get this form you??"
    "While I'm undergoing treatment and the virus is active, its possible. However, when no cell changes can be found the chance of it passing during sex dramatically falls (source)."
    "I am still hung up on the 80% thing. If 80% get it Do I already have this virus?"
    "Its very possible, most people get it but don't know becuase it dosen't cause symptoms in them."
    "Hmm, well I still have some questions..."
    " Actually me too! We can research it together! Then later...how bout we cuddle!"

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